Pros and Cons of Cork Flooring

Are you considering updating your old and worn flooring in your living room? If you are, you’re not alone; thousands – or even maybe millions – of homeowners dream of having their living room floors upgraded. However, in most cases, many homeowners hold off renovating their floors for two major reasons. One, because most flooring […]

Why You Should Consider New Window Installation on your next Vancouver Renovation

Many Vancouver homeowners include kitchen upgrades or bathroom remodels in their plans for home renovation.   A newly remodeled kitchen or a fresh bathroom design surely is a delight to look at, but have you ever considered also getting an upgrade for your windows?   Window replacement isn’t always a priority for almost anyone who […]

Tips for a Successful Bedroom Remodel

Your bedroom is one of the most important parts of your home. While you don’t normally show it off to guests like your kitchen or living room, the bedroom is where you relax and take care of yourself. Therefore, if you are considering getting room to remodel soon, you might want to add renovating your […]

How To Plan Home Renovations

Home renovations could be inspired by a small idea which can later take on larger dimensions. For instance, one day you decide to get your hardwood floors refinished which can lead to a more extensive project of home renovation that leads to walls that are torn down, floorboards pried up, bedrooms decommissioned. However, when you […]

Different DIY Projects For Your Home

When it comes to do-it-yourself home improvement projects these could be different kinds of repairs or improvisations you could do with your home decor. Depending on your skills you could opt to replace or resurface bathroom or kitchen cabinets. Popular DIY home improvement projects include working on the remodeling of rooms or doing up a […]