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Laneway homes in Vancouver, BC

laneway house

If you are tired of seeing a lot of clutter piling up in your garage, a laneway house can be the next best option for you. These houses fly under several aliases such as carriage homes or garden suites. A laneway house is a detached secondary suite which can be built into pre-existing lots (usually in backyard and opening onto the back lane) and has gained a lot of popularity in Vancouver, BC in recent years. Under the current laws in Vancouver, BC you are allowed to knock down your garage and bring together a secondary living area in your house i.e., a laneway house.


Originally the laneway home concept came out as a way for senior homeowners to have a “granny flat” and leaving the house for the kids. So this concept is also very appealing to seniors who are ready to downsize. A laneway home in Vancouver, BC, contributes to the overall sustainability of the city. They also provide citizens with more opportunities to live closer to where they work, shop, and play. A laneway house also makes the city’s urban lanes much safer, greener, and liveable. Laneway houses can also contribute towards affordable rental housing available in Vancouver, BC. Such housing can also create opportunities to increase the diversity of rental units in neighborhoods with low density as they provide a second housing option beyond owning a house and hence increase the density of the neighborhood. These laneway houses can also create more opportunities to live in detached housing in Vancouver, BC. A laneway house also appeals to adult children who want to live independently and renters who are looking for affordable detached housing.


laneway house


If you are warming up to the idea of having a laneway house in your property in Vancouver, get in touch with Silvercrest Custom homes to discuss ideas and tips for your laneway house project. We have found them to be the experts in this field and have built many laneway homes in Vancouver, BC. Laneway home costs will vary depending on the size and layout, and the built-in amenities. You can choose either a prefabricated style suite or a custom design for your laneway home. If you own a property, you can get the money back invested in a laneway house through monthly rental charges, and moreover, it increases the overall value of your property as well.


Having a lane house on your property has several benefits.

  • It increases the property value when you are looking to sell the property.
  • It contributes to affordable housing in Vancouver, BC
  • It brings your family closer
  • You can become a trendsetter in your neighborhood (although its already very popular in Vancouver, BC)


If you are still confused about having a laneway house in your property, get in touch with Silvercrest Custom Homes to discuss it, where we aim to make your home beautiful and also cost-effective. With our help, we can help you create a wonderful and beautiful laneway house.


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Ways to Control Dust During Your Home Improvement Project

Home Improvement Project

Before you start any home improvement or renovation project, you have to prepare yourself for the things you have to expect: the expenses, the disturbance, the noise, and of course, the inevitable mess and dust.

For any DIY project you want to take the necessary precautions to protect your health. Although you can minimize the accumulation of some types of dirt during a home renovation, such as mud, containing dust can be really hard to do. Dust freely floats in the air and most of the time, we only get the chance to remove it as soon as it settles on our furniture and inside our homes.

But don’t worry because there are still several ways you can control dust build up during your home improvement project. Great home renovation companies already practice some of these, but if the company you have hired doesn’t do these yet, you can request for them to take some action in order to prevent or at least reduce dust accumulation in your home.

Lay fabric rolls or plastic sheets on your floors. Fabric rolls or plastic sheets will prevent your floors from being filled with dust. If your floors are covered with carpet, you can use a protective film that sticks to the carpet instead.

Use dust barriers. Dust barriers are a godsend in containing dust into the room being renovated or improved.

Remove or cover all furniture items from the renovation site. Dust tends to settle on various items and can be very challenging to get rid of. This is especially true if the room to be improved in your home has a lot of furniture in it. Imagine removing dust particles from your upholstered couch – sounds like a lot of work, right? So, it’s better if you cover all your furniture items with tight plastic sheets or fabrics to prevent dust from getting on (or into) them. Or better yet, remove all the furniture pieces from the room being renovated.

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Pros and Cons of Cork Flooring

Cork Flooring

Are you considering updating your old and worn flooring in your living room? If you are, you’re not alone; thousands – or even maybe millions – of homeowners dream of having their living room floors upgraded.

However, in most cases, many homeowners hold off renovating their floors for two major reasons. One, because most flooring materials are expensive; and two, replacing floors during home renovation can take a lot of time.

Fortunately, not all flooring materials are too pricey or hard to install. Cork flooring, for instance, can be an excellent option for people who want to include their flooring in their home improvement project but aren’t ready to purchase expensive flooring materials. Cork flooring is also great for individuals who want the flooring replacement job completed fast.

Cork Flooring

Apart from being cost-effective and easy to install, cork flooring has other wonderful advantages, too, such as:

Effective in sound insulation. Cork has natural sound absorbing properties which can help minimize noise.

Can reduce injuries and damages from falling. Cork can cushion impact very well that’s why it is an incredible choice of flooring material for homes with toddlers or seniors. Breakable items such as glassware also have a higher chance of not being damaged even after falling on cork floors.

Extremely durable and affordable. If you take good care of it, cork flooring can last up to more than 35 years. Cork flooring can survive continuous foot traffic and will just return to its normal, even condition even when dented or walked on for a long time. It is also extremely cost effective and saving money when doing home renovations is always a good thing.

While cork flooring has amazing advantages, it also has weaknesses:

Can be damaged by the weight of extremely heavy furniture items. Just like carpets, cork flooring may be permanently dented or damaged when an extremely heavy item is placed over it for a long time.

Needs to be sealed and re-sealed over time. Cork flooring also needs to be sealed with polyurethane to prolong its lifespan. Polyurethane finishing protects the cork from water damage. Additionally, sealing your cork floors will also prevent it from expanding due to changes in temperature. With any home renovation, starting with good solid home renovation plan is always the first step.

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Why You Should Consider New Window Installation on your next Vancouver Renovation

Window Installation

Many Vancouver homeowners include kitchen upgrades or bathroom remodels in their plans for home renovation.


A newly remodeled kitchen or a fresh bathroom design surely is a delight to look at, but have you ever considered also getting an upgrade for your windows?


Window replacement isn’t always a priority for almost anyone who is having their home renovated. But did you know that having new windows installed in your home can yield many benefits for you and your home?


There are many reasons for you to consider new window installation on your next home renovation, and here are some of them:


  1. Having your old windows replaced may decrease your energy bills and you may be eligible for BC Home Rebates.


As windows get older, they could become less efficient and keeping the outdoor air and temperature out. They could get more difficult to open and close, too. New windows are typically more effective in maintaining the indoor temperature so that your HVAC system doesn’t need to work twice as hard. Many new models of modern windows also offer an improved level of insulation capability that is generally better than what old window models can offer.


  1. Getting new windows can protect your home items from sun damage.


One of the greatest things about having windows is that you can let natural light inside your home. But, natural sunlight comes with UV rays that could damage parts of your home: furniture, hardwood floors, and carpets are just some of the usual victims of sun damage from excessive exposure to UV rays. New windows can give your home added protection from damaging UV rays.


  1. New windows can be easier to maintain.


If your windows are decades old, it would be unsurprising if they have stubborn stains or marks that are extremely hard to remove. Minor scratches are also inevitable when you have old windows. You can get rid of this problem by getting new windows installed. Not only would your new windows be easier to clean, but it will also definitely give your home a fresher appearance. 



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Keeping Your Pets Secure During Renovation

Pets Secure

Renovation projects can definitely cause a major disturbance to the daily routine of your family members, including your pets.


And, unlike your family members – even kids – to whom you could explain what to expect during a renovation, this is simply impossible with pets. This means that you have to exert an extra effort to make sure that your pets are safe at all times.

Pets Secure


Just like with humans, renovations can be agitating and unsafe for pets. For instance, pets could be exposed to hazardous or irritating materials such as sawdust and paint. Pets could also be easily scared by the noise from the renovation. On top of that, your pet will constantly see workers getting into your home – and you know how some pets, especially dogs, react to strangers, right?


To keep your pets secure during a home renovation project, there are some steps you can take, like:


  • Sticking to the daily routine you have with your pet as much as you can. Pets can get anxious whenever their daily routine gets messed up. So, try to maintain your pet’s daily routine. Feed them on a regular schedule, and walk them as you normally would if there’s no renovation.


  • Asking your contractor for the schedule of specific activities that might involve hazardous materials. When you know when your contractor will be painting the walls, you can take your pet somewhere else safe so that they don’t inhale the toxic paint fumes.


  • Installing a microchip in your pet. When you are having your home renovation, most of the time, at least a door to your home will remain open throughout the day to allow workers to move freely in and out of your home. Unfortunately, this means that your pet could easily escape through this door. Having a microchip installed in your pet will help you track your pet easier.


  • If you’re having a major home renovation that would affect almost every room in your home, it would be better if you ask a friend or a relative to look after your pet in their home in the meantime.





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Tips for a Successful Bedroom Remodel

Bedroom Remodel

Your bedroom is one of the most important parts of your home. While you don’t normally show it off to guests like your kitchen or living room, the bedroom is where you relax and take care of yourself.

Therefore, if you are considering getting room to remodel soon, you might want to add renovating your bedroom to your list of rooms to be included in the project.

But then again, when you renovate your bedroom, you don’t just mindlessly hire renovation experts and expect the remodeling project to be a success. You have to plan accordingly and make some smart decisions to be able to ensure that the bedroom renovation project will be successful:


Bedroom Remodel

Here are some tips you can try for your bedroom remodel to be a success:


1. Before you decide on a design, think about the future.

Customized bedrooms you usually see over the internet or on magazines are undeniably beautiful and one of a kind that it won’t be surprising if you want your bedroom to be tailored to your specific liking, too. Getting a custom-made bedroom design is a great idea if you are planning to live in your home for the rest of your life. But if you are planning to sell your home in the future, potential buyers might not have the same taste as yours and might not find the customized bedroom design appealing.

2. Do some research before hiring a home renovation company.

Your choice of experts to work on your home will have a significant impact on the success of your bedroom remodel. So, before you sign that contract and close the deal, make sure that you have been thorough in checking the credentials, reputation, and documents of your chosen contractor or renovation company.

3. Look for a temporary place where you and your family can stay during the renovation. Don’t forget about finding somewhere for your pets.

Sure, you can still stay in your home while your bedroom is being renovated, but this will just make you uncomfortable and it might even be dangerous. Unfinished floors or walls can pose as a risk to anybody that it would just be best to stay away from them until they are completed. Additionally, if your home is free from playful kids throughout the renovation, the workers can work faster without any distractions.

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How To Plan Home Renovations

Home Renovations

Home renovations could be inspired by a small idea which can later take on larger dimensions. For instance, one day you decide to get your hardwood floors refinished which can lead to a more extensive project of home renovation that leads to walls that are torn down, floorboards pried up, bedrooms decommissioned. However, when you have finished with the project you will have a refinished and a gorgeous home that comes at a fraction of a cost of buying a new home.

If you are serious about overhauling your home, it needs to be planned meticulously as well as understand the scale of preparedness and changes you need to undergo as well as dedicating oneself to the project.


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Home Renovations

You might decide to do it yourself or call in the professionals. Often people who are handy with home improvement projects tend to make the changes by themselves, taking small steps at a time. In certain cases, you might want to get help, especially if you have an extensive renovation to be done such as changing the flooring, electrical lines or plumbing. When it comes to seeking out professional help, professionals could be decor specialists to whom you could hand over the entire renovation project work. On the other hand, if you wish to simply get a certain work done; these could be handed over to contractors or subcontractors. Often contractors prefer to bring in their own people, which increase the cost of labor.  In certain cases, they are amenable to working with the homeowner who might be experienced in assisting in such tasks.

You need to formulate a plan on how to fund the project. Often home remodeling projects can end up costing much more than you estimate. Hence, taking more and less accurate cost estimation from your contractor or decor specialist would be a good way to budget such a project. You might plan to do it yourself, in which case the cost of raw materials, supplies and your own time and effort needs to be estimated from before; in certain cases, one might decide to take a home improvement loan that reduces the burden of the costs on your immediate savings.

If you are hiring work crews to remodel your home, you would have to supervise the teams. This would involve keeping a tab on the team’s progress, how the labor costs are estimated, the costs of materials and supplies bought, seeking receipts for the same and ensuring that the project and budget are kept within planned parameters.

Usually, for homeowners who wish to remodel or renovate hassle free, it makes sense to hand over the project to an experienced contractor especially if they plan to embark on a big project such as a laneway home. These larger companies will take the entire responsibility of executing the project as per proposed plans and budget considerations.

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Home Improvement Projects As Per Importance

Home improvement projects can be of different kinds. These are needed to maintain as well as improve upon the appearance of a home that also adds to its value. These projects can vary in costs, time and difficulty levels. Home improvement projects usually involve remodeling of a home or building extensions around a home. It could be as simple as a painting of a room or could involve landscaping of your open spaces or even building a patio or driveway. Indeed, today decor specialists make it possible to have extensive changes done to an existing home, as long as one has the vision and the budget to do so. Here are some basic reasons for which you should plan to remodel or improve upon your home.

Address structural damages

Often structural damages happen to the exteriors of our homes such as peeling paints, rusted plumbing fixtures, leaking roofs and so forth. Such damages simply become larger when ignored for long and can lead to structural weakening of homes. Hence, it is best that one addresses structural repairs before planning cosmetic changes to one’s home.

Changes in fixtures and wall paints

There are certain aspects of our home that become dated and old over time. Wall paints tend to become old and peeling often dampened due to moisture retention. Fixtures tend to rust and become old; these could also lead to leaks and plumbing problems. Hence, updating fixtures and wall paints of your home will not only lend a new and upgraded look but also help fix common problems around your home.

Changes in home layout

You might want a patio area to be paved and sitting areas added to it; if you wish to add to a swimming pool in your backyard, make a landscaped garden in front or add a guest room to your house, there are certain changes that need consideration. Not only will they improve the appearance and functionality of your home, but also make living more pleasurable and lavish.

Improve decor

This is one of the most desired of all changes that homeowners want their homes from time to time. When sitting room layouts appear to be the same over time, one might consider rearranging the furniture, changing the furnishings of the room, adding a new carpet and so forth.

Home improvement projects can be diverse. While we all love cosmetic upgrades to our home, structural improvements must be given importance first.

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Getting Loan Approvals For Home Improvement Projects

Often it seems a good idea to opt for a loan when one is planning an extensive home improvement project. However, if one has a bad credit history, this can be a dampener on such efforts. However, there are certain institutions that have a more lenient approach towards providing loans to customers who have a bad credit score. However, the interests tend to be higher for such loans.

For those who are looking for loan approval when they have a bad credit score, there are certain lenders who have financial products that are designed to be made available to such customers. Indeed, this is a much-needed requirement of many at a time and age when stringent lending standards have been enforced on most banks and financial institutions. Based on the demand that comes with such loans, there are certain institutions that tailor loan products to meet such needs.

When one wishes to seek a home improvement loan in such circumstances, borrowers need to know the loan qualifications that apply as well as approval standards. They need to be aware of their own credit scores as well. Often lenders are unwilling to offer loans to borrowers who do not meet the credit score of a certain benchmark. This leads to more risks on paper. Lenders in certain cases meet the loan risks by attaching more interest rates for these loans. That is done to cover the risks that are perceived to be higher for such consumers. It is a good idea to have a detailed home renovation plan to bring forth to your lender as well. 

When it comes to seeking loans for home improvement programs, there are certain government assistance programs that are available in certain countries. These help homeowners to upgrade their homes that can help in increasing the value of their homes as well as lower property taxes applicable. The programs usually comprise of loans that are available at discounted rates. Homeowners need to check with their local government norms and whether such programs are available where one could apply for home improvement loans.

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Different DIY Projects For Your Home

DIY Projects

When it comes to do-it-yourself home improvement projects these could be different kinds of repairs or improvisations you could do with your home decor. Depending on your skills you could opt to replace or resurface bathroom or kitchen cabinets. Popular DIY home improvement projects include working on the remodeling of rooms or doing up a basement. When it comes to smaller projects that would include painting, the walls or changing the decors of a room.

DIY Projects

To keep your home in the prime condition you could take up simple remodeling or DIY projects every year. This also helps you stick to a smaller budget and need not make large changes in one go. Smaller yet effective changes to your home could be upgraded to kitchen countertops, storage cabinets, light fixtures and others.

Cabinet resurfacing is a good way to create a new look for your bathroom or kitchen space. If you are handy with basic carpentry skills, you will be able to do it yourself. Resurfacing of cabinets usually requires sanding the cupboards before you repaint them. You could also opt to retain the cabinet doors as well as add-on new kinds of door hardware. In case you wish to redo the cabinet doors completely, that would mean ripping them off first and then installing new ones.

Besides resurfacing of cabinets, homeowners could opt to repair tiles in kitchens or bathrooms or change plumbing accessories. These could be convenient DIY projects that are done over the weekend. If you wish to redecorate, consider getting new upholstery for sofas or chairs, getting new curtains for your rooms as well as new light fixtures. These could be simple yet effective ways to change and update the looks of the familiar rooms in your home.

If you are experienced with the painting of walls, creating a new look or an accent wall of your living room or bedroom could help change the appearance of such spaces. However, the finishing needs to be smooth or else the effect would not be neat. Hence, if you are confident with your painting skills, then only opt to make such changes yourself. Or else it would be wise to call for help of a professional. It is also important that one addresses fundamental or structural repairs and damages first before looking at making upgrades or cosmetic touches to one’s home. If you would rather hire a professional then you might want to consider a home loan for your renovation project.

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