Cork Flooring

Are you considering updating your old and worn flooring in your living room? If you are, you’re not alone; thousands – or even maybe millions – of homeowners dream of having their living room floors upgraded.

However, in most cases, many homeowners hold off renovating their floors for two major reasons. One, because most flooring materials are expensive; and two, replacing floors during home renovation can take a lot of time.

Fortunately, not all flooring materials are too pricey or hard to install. Cork flooring, for instance, can be an excellent option for people who want to include their flooring in their home improvement project but aren’t ready to purchase expensive flooring materials. Cork flooring is also great for individuals who want the flooring replacement job completed fast.

Cork Flooring

Apart from being cost-effective and easy to install, cork flooring has other wonderful advantages, too, such as:

Effective in sound insulation. Cork has natural sound absorbing properties which can help minimize noise.

Can reduce injuries and damages from falling. Cork can cushion impact very well that’s why it is an incredible choice of flooring material for homes with toddlers or seniors. Breakable items such as glassware also have a higher chance of not being damaged even after falling on cork floors.

Extremely durable and affordable. If you take good care of it, cork flooring can last up to more than 35 years. Cork flooring can survive continuous foot traffic and will just return to its normal, even condition even when dented or walked on for a long time. It is also extremely cost effective and saving money when doing home renovations is always a good thing.

While cork flooring has amazing advantages, it also has weaknesses:

Can be damaged by the weight of extremely heavy furniture items. Just like carpets, cork flooring may be permanently dented or damaged when an extremely heavy item is placed over it for a long time.

Needs to be sealed and re-sealed over time. Cork flooring also needs to be sealed with polyurethane to prolong its lifespan. Polyurethane finishing protects the cork from water damage. Additionally, sealing your cork floors will also prevent it from expanding due to changes in temperature. With any home renovation, starting with good solid home renovation plan is always the first step.