laneway house

If you are tired of seeing a lot of clutter piling up in your garage, a laneway house can be the next best option for you. These houses fly under several aliases such as carriage homes or garden suites. A laneway house is a detached secondary suite which can be built into pre-existing lots (usually in backyard and opening onto the back lane) and has gained a lot of popularity in Vancouver, BC in recent years. Under the current laws in Vancouver, BC you are allowed to knock down your garage and bring together a secondary living area in your house i.e., a laneway house.


Originally the laneway home concept came out as a way for senior homeowners to have a “granny flat” and leaving the house for the kids. So this concept is also very appealing to seniors who are ready to downsize. A laneway home in Vancouver, BC, contributes to the overall sustainability of the city. They also provide citizens with more opportunities to live closer to where they work, shop, and play. A laneway house also makes the city’s urban lanes much safer, greener, and liveable. Laneway houses can also contribute towards affordable rental housing available in Vancouver, BC. Such housing can also create opportunities to increase the diversity of rental units in neighborhoods with low density as they provide a second housing option beyond owning a house and hence increase the density of the neighborhood. These laneway houses can also create more opportunities to live in detached housing in Vancouver, BC. A laneway house also appeals to adult children who want to live independently and renters who are looking for affordable detached housing.


laneway house


If you are warming up to the idea of having a laneway house in your property in Vancouver, get in touch with Silvercrest Custom homes to discuss ideas and tips for your laneway house project. We have found them to be the experts in this field and have built many laneway homes in Vancouver, BC. Laneway home costs will vary depending on the size and layout, and the built-in amenities. You can choose either a prefabricated style suite or a custom design for your laneway home. If you own a property, you can get the money back invested in a laneway house through monthly rental charges, and moreover, it increases the overall value of your property as well.


Having a lane house on your property has several benefits.

  • It increases the property value when you are looking to sell the property.
  • It contributes to affordable housing in Vancouver, BC
  • It brings your family closer
  • You can become a trendsetter in your neighborhood (although its already very popular in Vancouver, BC)


If you are still confused about having a laneway house in your property, get in touch with Silvercrest Custom Homes to discuss it, where we aim to make your home beautiful and also cost-effective. With our help, we can help you create a wonderful and beautiful laneway house.