Window Installation

Many Vancouver homeowners include kitchen upgrades or bathroom remodels in their plans for home renovation.


A newly remodeled kitchen or a fresh bathroom design surely is a delight to look at, but have you ever considered also getting an upgrade for your windows?


Window replacement isn’t always a priority for almost anyone who is having their home renovated. But did you know that having new windows installed in your home can yield many benefits for you and your home?


There are many reasons for you to consider new window installation on your next home renovation, and here are some of them:


  1. Having your old windows replaced may decrease your energy bills and you may be eligible for BC Home Rebates.


As windows get older, they could become less efficient and keeping the outdoor air and temperature out. They could get more difficult to open and close, too. New windows are typically more effective in maintaining the indoor temperature so that your HVAC system doesn’t need to work twice as hard. Many new models of modern windows also offer an improved level of insulation capability that is generally better than what old window models can offer.


  1. Getting new windows can protect your home items from sun damage.


One of the greatest things about having windows is that you can let natural light inside your home. But, natural sunlight comes with UV rays that could damage parts of your home: furniture, hardwood floors, and carpets are just some of the usual victims of sun damage from excessive exposure to UV rays. New windows can give your home added protection from damaging UV rays.


  1. New windows can be easier to maintain.


If your windows are decades old, it would be unsurprising if they have stubborn stains or marks that are extremely hard to remove. Minor scratches are also inevitable when you have old windows. You can get rid of this problem by getting new windows installed. Not only would your new windows be easier to clean, but it will also definitely give your home a fresher appearance.